Automatic Can Sealing Machine

//Automatic Can Sealing Machine
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Project Description

Model OY160 OY160D
Speed 10-15 cans/min 15-20 cans/min
Diameter of tank φ45-160mm φ45-160mm
High of tank φ39-200mm φ39-200mm
Power 370w 370w
Dimension 440*390*770mm 600*320*700mm
Weight 45kg 72kg

1. This automatic can sealing machine is suitable for sealing various of cans: various iron, aluminum cans, tin cans, metal cans, aluminum alloy cans, aluminum cans, iron cans, plastic cans, PET plastic cans, plastic cans, glass cans, pet bottles, paper tubes, paper tubes, paper cans, pressure Round container such as can.
2. The automatic can sealing machine improves the sealing efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and reduces the defective products caused by human factors. It is an ideal equipment for food, beverage, nourishing health care products and so on.