Bread Sticks Shaping Machine

//Bread Sticks Shaping Machine
Bread Sticks Shaping Machine 2019-11-28T12:00:44+08:00

Project Description

Model FG 750
Power 1 kw
Capacity 1000-2500 piece/h
Dough weight 50-900 g
Working width 780 mm
Dimension 1090*980*1580 mm
Weight 340 kg
Voltage 380 v
Remark Plastic side panels
Axis length 750 mm

1. The aircraft is one of the devices supporting French bread production line can produce volumes layer and rub long bread rolls training for small bakeries produce baguettes and other long breads multifunction molding equipment. Pei roll surface after forming smooth and uniform, and create favorable conditions for the final fermentation.

2. The body and frame of the bale forming machine are made of stainless steel and a wool felt belt is used.

3. The pressure roller is covered with special plastic, and the shaft spacing and the belt gap can be adjusted with the hand wheel.