Cartoon Shape Noodle Machine

//Cartoon Shape Noodle Machine
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Project Description

Model FH 220 FH 250
Voltage 220 v 380 v
Capacity 500 kg/h 600 kg/h
Finished Size 54*38 mm 50*35 mm
Dough Wrapper Width 225 mm 240 mm
Capacity 10-20 kg/h 20-30 kg/h
Weight 280 kg 310 kg
Dimension 800*850*1200 mm 850*900*1300 mm

1.After the dough is pressed into dough wrapper by a dough pressing machine, it is molded by various shapes of molding devices. The running order of this machine: dough wrapper conveying – compression – cutting – folding – molding.
2.The output of this machine is adjustable, you can adjust the speed at 40-200 rpm according to the specific situation.
3.This machine is widely used in breakfast shops, fast food restaurants, supermarkets, etc. It mainly uses wheat flour or other whole grains flour such as buckwheat flour, barley flour, corn flour, and yam powder as raw materials, and is made into ultra-thin dough patches of various shapes through special processing techniques.