Chicken Feet Peeling Machine

//Chicken Feet Peeling Machine
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Project Description

Model FJ 300 FJ 600
Power 1.5 kw 3 kw
Capacity 200 kg/h 300 kg/h
Weight 70 kg 110 kg
Dimension 830*600*930 mm 930*970*975 mm

1. Chicken feet peeling machine widely used for peeling chicken feet to yellow skin,Through the disk rotational speed reducer drive, The chicken feet within the cylinder spiral movement, complete peeling work.
2. Chicken feet peeling machine has high peeling rate without any harm,and made of stainless steel ,it can be very clean for chicken skin and nails.Chicken feet peeling machine is the most advanced equipment in domestic. this equipment has high output, easy operate, it’s suitable for meat products processing industry.