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Project Description

Model FY 1
Suitable range (100-230)*h(120-230)mm
Product size (100-180)*h(100-180)mm can adjust
Power 0.8 kw
Speed 360-600 pcs/h
Machine size 335*490*910 mm
Machine weight 70 kg

1. Coconut peeling machine is a professional for shelling coconut, it through roller cutter to get rid of coconut outside hard shell, and then can get coconut meat. Machine is easy to operate, but need take care and protect yourself during using this machine.
2. Coconut peeling machine can remove the top and side skin from the coconuts automatically.
3. For the bottom skin of coconuts, we will offer manual cutting knife which is professional customized for cutting the bottom of coconut into flat shape.
4. Machine operation is very easy according to our exclusive manual book. Machine can peel 360-600 pcs coconut per hour with zero loss.