Combined Weigher Packaging Machine

//Combined Weigher Packaging Machine
Combined Weigher Packaging Machine 2019-11-28T11:34:26+08:00

Project Description

Model BZ 350
Bag size width 80-300 mm
Bag size length 50-300 mm
Packing speed 15-40 bags/min
Measurement range 10-500 g
Voltage 220 v/ 50 HZ/1.5 kw
Weight 350 kg
Dimension 950*1000*1950 mm

1. Combined weigher packaging machine is suitable for packaging a variety of powder, granules, etc. Such as granules, cereals, sugar, spices, nuts, chocolate, coffee, powder, etc.
2. Combined weigher packaging machine can automatically complete bag-making, metering, cutting, feeding, slitting, and counting, and at the same time, it can configure print batch numbers and other functions according to customer requirements.
3. This combined weigher packaging machine is suitable for food, medicine, chemical pesticides and other powders, granules and so on. Such as milk powder, bean powder, Chinese medicine powder, seasoning powder, white sugar and other material packaging.