Continuous Dough Divider

//Continuous Dough Divider
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Project Description

Item Dough Divider
Model FM 3 P(2 P)
Power supply 3 PH,50/60 HZ
Power 1.5 kw
Output 4500/3000 hour
Dough section weight range 30-250 g
Weight 350 kg
Machine size 880*1200*1500 mm
Item Conical Rounder
Model FZ 800
Power supply AC380 V 50 HZ
Power 0.4 kw
Output 4500/hour
Dough section weight range 30-300 g
Weight 200 kg
Machine size 850*850*1450 mm

1. The body is made of high-quality wear-resistant steel, and the outer surface and guide rails are sprayed with Teflon, which will not stick to the dough.
2. Tapered cone spiral guides are made of aluminum alloy. Precision assembly ensures the perfect contact angle between the guide rail and the cone, so as to ensure roundness of the dough.
3. Continuous dough divider can be used independently and can be combined with a block machine, an intermediate proofing machine or a plastic machine to form a production line.
4. The dough will not stick together because wear-resistant,teflon on outer surface and the guide rail.High quality wear-resistant steel body,spiral vertebral aluminum rail,precision assembly,which ensure rail contact angle of the vertebral body perfectly and the roundness of the dough.
5. Not only can be used independently,but also with block machine, intermediate proofing machine or shaping machine together into the production line.