Cooking Pot With Mixer

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Project Description

Model FJ 100 FJ 200 FJ 300 FJ 400
Mixing power 1.1 kw 1.1 kw 1.5 kw 1.5 kw
Pot size 700*500 mm 800*550 mm 900*600 mm 1000*650 mm
Volume 100 L 200 L 300 L 400 L
Seething time 8 min 11 min 14 min 18 min
Steam consumption 6.5 kg 13 kg 19.5 kg 26 kg
Pressure(adjustable) 0.35 MPA 0.35 MPA 0.35 MPA 0.35 MPA
Dimension 750*750*1400 mm 850*850*1450 mm 950*950*1500 mm 1050*1050*1550 mm

1. Cooking pot with mixer is widely used in the processing of foods such as candy, medicine, dairy products, canned food, alcohol, candied fruit, beverages, and cakes.

2. It is an ideal product for soups, boiled, stewed, porridge, etc. in large restaurants or restaurants.

3. When starting work, the sugar cooking bucket needs a certain pressure steam as a heat source (alternatively, electric heating), which makes it cheap, easy to operate, large heating area, and high thermal efficiency.

4. Flame temperature can be regulated optionally, highest temperature 300 °C or so.
Energy saving, fierce fire, thermal efficiency is increased by 25% or so compared with similar products.Gas consumption: about 20% lower than the similar products

5. Cooking pot with mixer has beautiful appearance, compact structure, convenient installation, convenient operation, safety and reliability.