Dough Ball Making Machine

//Dough Ball Making Machine
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Project Description

Model FM 65 FM  30
Power 3 kw 1.5 kw
Voltage 110/220/240/380 v 110/220/240/380 v
Capacity 65 pcs/min 30 pcs/min
Weight 240 kg 200 kg
Dimension 1300*500*960 mm 580*660*970 mm

1. Dough ball making machine is to make dough ball or steamed bun.the raw material is the mixture of water and flour in certain ratio.
2. After flour mixer to make a big dough ball,start the dough ball making machine,put the dough ball into the hopper mouth,it is extruded into the side of the housing, in the auger, driven by mouth to come forward, after extrusion feed sets lower forming roll cutter cut into uniform size on the surface of a cylindrical block. Then turn into the upper and lower forming roll arc groove. In promoting the gradual spiral grooves rub, rounded and smooth spherical surface formed bread blanks.