Dough Dividing Block Machine

//Dough Dividing Block Machine
Dough Dividing Block Machine 2019-11-28T11:58:05+08:00

Project Description

Model FT 36
Voltage 220 v/380 v
Power 0.75 kw
Application split dough
Weight 350 kg
Dimension 940×700×1400 mm
Capacity 36 blocks/time
Split range 250-280 g
Dough weight 30-120 g

1. Dough dividing block machine uses high-quality components and a unique, robust frame design. Cut the dough evenly by an automatic hydraulic system. Gradually squeezing the dough prevents damage to the dough structure. Can divide the dough or filling equally into 36 equal parts.

2. This machine is to push and feed the disk through the workbench, so that the material is separated from the cutter head by the principle of contact separation.