Electric or Gas Roasting Machine

//Electric or Gas Roasting Machine
Electric or Gas Roasting Machine 2019-11-27T14:37:19+08:00

Project Description

Model F-400 F-800
Power 3.1 kw 2.85 kw
Heating element power 2.85 kw 7.3 kw
Diameter of cylinder 400 mm 800 mm
Rotary Motor 0.25 kw 1.1 kw
Speed 15 rpm 15 rpm
Weight 115 kg 300 kg
Dimension 920*545*840 mm 1572*896*1278 mm
Processing volume 5-15 kg/time 80-100 kg/time

1. Electric or gas roasting machine is mainly used for baking peanuts, groundnut, sunflower seeds, horse beans, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts and any grain type food.

2.The nut roasting oven is compact structure, easy operation, with automatic  charging  and discharging function, It improves production, eliminates safety injury and reduce production cost on a batch basis.

3.The roasting oven can be designed electrical heated, gas-fired, oil-fired, just as per customers’demand. It utilizes the radiant energy to dry bake the nuts, in order to reach customers’processing purpose.