Food Drying Oven

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Project Description

Model FH 09 FH 12 FH 16
Tray No. 9 12 16
Capacity 40-50 kg/time 80-100 kg/time 100-120 kg/time
Power 6 kw 9 kw 12 kw
Tray size 400 mm 700 mm 800 mm
Working size 680*700*980 mm 760*790*1085 mm 990-960*1430 mm
Voltage 220 v 220 v/380 v 380 v
Dimension 560*670*1400 mm 960*818*1855 mm 1160*1100*2200 mm
Weight 115 kg 177 kg 250 kg

1. This food drying oven adopts hot whirlwind infrared thermal baking digital constant temperature, air enters from the left side of the machine, hot air circulates from the right side, moisture exhaust port is located at the top and right side of the machine, heating fast, strong penetration, to bake materials can carry out a comprehensive, fast and uniform baking and fragrance extraction.

2. This food drying oven is suitable for drying different seeds, fruits, medicinal materials, mushrooms, seafood, cereals, tea, scented tea, nuts, jujube, etc.

3. The food drying oven is controlled by advanced heat source heating and baking computer constant temperature system, which can ensure that the material keeps constant temperature throughout the baking process, and reduce the oxidation and loss of vitamins and iron ore materials to a greater extent.