Fruit and Vegetable Peeling Machine

//Fruit and Vegetable Peeling Machine
Fruit and Vegetable Peeling Machine 2019-11-28T11:53:17+08:00

Project Description

Model FD 66 FD 99
Power 0.8 kw 1..7 kw
Capacity 100-200 pcs/h 500-600 pcs/h
Dimension 700*800*1800 mm 1200*720*1680 mm
Weight 120 kg 160 kg

1. Fruit and vegetable peeling machine is suitable for papaya, pumpkin, cantaloupe, wax gourd, grapefruit and other large and medium-sized melon peel.
2. Peeling thickness can be adjusted , the cutter cycles can upwards and downward to peel circularly, peeling rate can reach more 95% high efficiency ,  with simple operation,  safety and health,  special design, convenient and he advanced equipment.
3. Also this fruit and vegetable peeling machine suitable for the restaurants, food and beverage industry, food factory etc.