Gas Pita Bread Bakery Oven

//Gas Pita Bread Bakery Oven
Gas Pita Bread Bakery Oven 2019-11-28T12:32:00+08:00

Project Description

Model FS75
Heating method Gas
Baking tray diameter Customizable 75/80/100/120cm, etc.
Voltage 220v 60w
Capacity 350-450 pieces
Material Stainless Steel
Size 1040*930*1030mm
Weight 120kg

1. This is a special rotating oven for making all kinds of breads. It is widely used for making pita bread, naan bread, tortilla, chapati and other breads.
2. The gas pita bread bakery oven has large output, fast speed and high efficiency. Processing more than 350 cakes per hour saves manpower.
3. The gas pita bread bakery oven is beautiful and hygienic, using liquefied gas heating, economic and environmental protection. At the same time, drawing on the bread processing technology, the infrared grilling equipment is placed inside the converter.