Grain Weighing Packaging Machine

//Grain Weighing Packaging Machine
Grain Weighing Packaging Machine 2019-11-28T11:33:28+08:00

Project Description

Model PD 50
Contain automatic weighing
automatic packing
automatic sewing
Weighing range 25-50 kg
Packing speed 300-500 bags/h
Error ≤±30 g
Power 0.35 kw
Dimension 1750*1120*3160 mm
Weight 280 kg

1.Grain weighing packaging machine is suitable for packaging powdery materials with good fluidity, such as wheat, corn, rice, urea, feed and so on.

2.This machine adopts the combination of self-flowing feeding and vibration feeding, and use electronic scale weighing, which overcomes the shortcomings caused by the change of the specific gravity of the material.

3.This machine is not limited by the packaging container, suitable for occasions where the material variety and packaging specifications change frequently.