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Project Description

Model OR 4535
Power supply 380 v/50-60 hz/3 phase
Packing capacity 15-35 packs/min
Sealing size 570*480 mm
Sealing height 150 mm
Film type center-folded POF film
Max film size 530*280 mm
Power max 8 kw
Dimension 1600*770*1450 mm
Weight 450 kg

1. Hot shrink film machine is widely used in beverage, food, medicine, etc.Specially designed for packaging production line of beer,beverage,pure water,fruit juice,dairy products,etc.With full automatic functions of bottle transfer and arrange,membrane packing,sealing and cut,shrinkage,cooling and shaping,etc.The bottle can be square, round and oblate, the cost of packing is low, the appearance is good.

2. Hot shrink film machine adopts optimal design, controlled by electric component automatically, it is convenient to change the bottle and the specification of the packing.It can also adjust the hot wind cycle structure, it is fit for many kinds of hot shrinking film, it is easy and quick to change the film, the good electric component.

3. The whole machine adopts the good stainless steel and premium-priced carbon steel, it is durable, available structure, also can save the energy.

4.Using advanced constant temperature membrane heat binding technology in the world with clear and secure seal.