Macaroni Production Line

//Macaroni Production Line
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Project Description

Model DL 8800-600
Total power 70 kw
Actual power consumption 55 kw
Main motor power 45 kw
Production capacity 100-150 kg/h
Dimension 3.2*0.9*1.3 m
Material stainless steel

1. The production line mainly uses potato starch, corn starch and flour as raw materials to produce secondary puffed foods of various shapes and popular in the market by using a unique extrusion molding process. The production line has reasonable design, high degree of automation, precise extrusion parameter control, and the main machine is equipped with high and low pressure screws, which increases the use of raw materials, reduces costs and improves product quality.

2.The raw material is stirred with water and sent to the twin-screw main machine for extrusion forming. After being pulled by the tractor to the cutting and hanging rod machine, it is sent to the drying oven for drying. The dried material is cut and sorted by the cutting machine and sent to the packaging machine for packaging.