Manual Can Sealing Machine

//Manual Can Sealing Machine
Manual Can Sealing Machine 2019-11-28T11:39:02+08:00

Project Description

Model PFG 1
Capacity 10-15 cans/min
Diameter of cans 45-100 mm
High of cans 39-200 mm
Power 370 w
Size 440*390*770 mm
Weight 36 kg

1. Applicable to all kinds of round mouth of the metal cans, PET plastic cans, paper cans and other cans of the seal.

2. Manual can sealing machine on the lid lid forming, to watertight, no burr.

3. Manual can sealing machine for small business or personal store use, small footprint, easy to operate.

4. The size of the sealing machine can be customized according to customer needs.