Manual Plastic Box Sealer Machine

//Manual Plastic Box Sealer Machine
Manual Plastic Box Sealer Machine 2019-11-28T11:38:20+08:00

Project Description

Model OF 95
Capacity 20-30 cans/min
Power 0.98 kw
Sealing speed 6-8 pcs/min
Sealing dimension 50-200 mm
Voltage 220/380 v
Weight 50 kg
Dimension 450*550*750

1.Manual plastic box sealer machine is suitable for tray loaded product sealing package, such as snack box, convenience foods, bean curd tray, biscuit boxes, food tray, toy tray, beverages,nuts,tin can, cakes etc.

2.Manual plastic box sealer machine have simple and reasonable structure, sealing of high efficiency and easy operation; Suitable for various sizes of plastic boxes, plastic trays and special-shaped plastic containers thermal sealing, it widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.