Meat Bone Saw Machine

//Meat Bone Saw Machine
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Project Description

Model FJ 210
Power 0.5 kw
Voltage 220 v
Band saw speed 15 m/s
Cutting thickness 4-140 mm
Band diameter 210 mm
Workbench size 61*53 mm
Dimension 66*55*102 mm
Weight 50 kg

1. Meat bone saw machine is mainly used for cutting frozen meat, fresh meat, the head of cow, a head of sheep, pig bones.Ideal for cutting fresh meat or frozen meat,bones,fish etc in butcher shops,clubs,hotels and restaurants.With safety lock,when the machine outer covering open,will automatically switch off.
2. The bone sawing machine is one of the meat and bone processing machine, which is adopted advanced technical, has the advantage of high efficiency, safe and convenient operation.
3. Saws with pressure tensioning device, easy to install and adjust saw band.The band saw stable means stable when cutting band saw will not walk
4. The thickness adjusting plate to strengthen the design, easy to adjust the processing thickness, will not shake when you move.