Meat Pie Making Machine

//Meat Pie Making Machine
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Project Description

Model FR 100
Power 0.55 kw
Voltage 220/380 v
Weight 50 kg
Dimension 450*550*750 mm
Patty mold customized
Patty weight adjustable
Patty thickness 5-12 mm

1. Meat pie making machine can use different materials stuffing mix with bread crumbs, eggs, vegetables, cheese, beans , spices , such as beef and chicken as well as fish, can be carried out making meatloaf and meatballs. Especially for meat processing plants, supermarkets, restaurants and other uses.
2. It can be connected to related processing step like meat mincing machine, flavoring machine, forming machine, freezing , packing machine in a whole processing line.It can automatically complete the working procedures of filling stuffing and forming hamburger Shape and size can be customized.
3. Can finish the process of filling, forming, tagging, outputting. It can -produce different shapes including round, square , oval , triangle, heart and others shape via change the different mould.