Multihead Weigher Packing Machine

//Multihead Weigher Packing Machine
Multihead Weigher Packing Machine 2019-11-28T11:34:44+08:00

Project Description

Part 1 Z shape lifting conveyor
Conveying height 3400mm
Machine power 750w
Dimensions 3000*650*3400*mm
Part 2 10 heads 1.3L flat scale
Model PZ 10
Basic configuration 10 heads 1.3L combination scale, 304/1.2mm stainless steel
Hopper 1.3L
Weighing range 10-3000g
Weighing accuracy ┬▒0.3g-1g
Control system PLC
Touch screen 10.4 inch display
Maximum speed 70 packs/minute
Voltage 220v, 50/60hz
Power 2kw
Equipment size 1720*1120*1230mm
Equipment weight 490kg
Part 3 Automatic packaging host
Model PZ 420
Packing speed 5-60 bags/minute
Packaging material OPP/CPP OPP/CE PET/PE NILO/PE
Bag width 100-200mm
Packaging film width Max.420mm
Bag length Max.300mm
Power 3kw
Weight 400kg
Dimensions 1265*1060*1600 mm
Part 4 Finished material conveyor
Delivery height 800mm
Power 40w
Maximum delivery 50-300mm/s
Dimensions 1300*430*890mm
Part 5 Platform
Dimension 1800*1800*1850mm

1. This multihead weigher packing machine has a packaging mainframe, 10 electronic combination scales, Z-type material conveyor, vibrating feeder, support platform and finished conveyor.

2. It is suitable for fully automated packaging of high-precision and fragile parts, such as puffed food, casserole, potato chips, jelly, candy, banana chips, dumplings, chocolate, small hardware, Chinese medicine biscuits, etc.

3. This multihead weigher packing machine and the metering device can automatically complete the whole packaging process of metering, feeding, filling and bag making, date printing.

4. The whole multihead weigher packing machine is composed of programmable controller, servo motor and large display touch screen. The double synchronous belt transport film is stable, accurate, high precision, beautiful and flat.