Paper Box sealer Machine

//Paper Box sealer Machine
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Project Description

Model OF 820
Max suitable carton 500*500 mm
minimum suitable carton 100*100 mm
Table height 650-850 mm
Conveying speed 0-20 m/min
Power 1.8 kw
Weight 150 kg
Dimension 1700*900*1350 mm

1. Paper box sealer machine is mainly used in the sealed carton packaging .
2.Paper box sealer machine using adhesive tape sealing make the carton seal affixed,  economic and rapid, easy to  adjust , can complete left and right carton sealing action in one time,  you can also use the printing tape to improve the image of the product.
3. Compact, economical and durable, easy to operate ; according to carton specifications, manually adjust the width and height.
4. Left and right belt drive, upper and lower tape sealing, fast, smooth, beautiful.
5. Equipped with blade guard to avoid accidental injury during operation.Mainly used with standard automatic strapping machine.