Pasta Making Machine

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Project Description

Model FM 60 FM 80 FM 100
Power 3 kw 3 kw 4 kw
Capacity 30 kg/h 60 kg/h 90 kg/h
Shell material stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Weight 90 kg 120 kg 150 kg
Dimension 500*470*780 mm 700*470*900 mm 710*480*910 mm

1. Pasta making machine (also known as the shells crisp machine, hemp food machines, etc. ) is by the majority of users food processing machinery.

2. Pasta making machine use flour (can also use rice flour, starch, cereals, etc. ) as raw materials, through different mold, can produce a variety of pattern types of snack foods, such as: Shells crisp, the tremella crisp, five-star crisp, rice crust, lanterns, conch, peanut type, big and small empty tubes of different shapes, delicious and tasty food series.

3. At the same time, can produce hollow noodle, screw noodle, macaroni, white fungus noodles, stretched noodles, vegetables noodles and other pasta.