Pizza Dough Forming Machine

//Pizza Dough Forming Machine
Pizza Dough Forming Machine 2019-11-28T12:00:30+08:00

Project Description

Model FP 39
Final Size 100-400 mm
Final Thickness 0.5-5.5 mm
Roller Speed 120 r/min
Dough Weight 50-500 g
Voltage 220 v
Weight 39 kg
Power 0.55 kw
Dimension 530*530*650 mm

1. This semi-automatic pizza machine can be used to make pizza base. When the dough is squeezed by the upper roller, it will become a thin, elliptical dough piece, and the dough piece after the first extrusion is quickly rotated by 90° by hand and then pressed through the lower roller; A circular patch will be made, slightly trimmed by hand, and a round pizza bottom will be successfully made.
2. Due to the swell-able elasticity of the flour, the thinnest actual thickness of the extrusion is 2 mm.
3. Suitable for pizza and pastry, etc.;Tilt the inlet and automatically press the surface;
4. Stainless steel material;Safe food resin roller;Optional pedal control;
5. The thickness of the pressing surface is 1-10mm;The roller is covered by a transparent cover to make the operation safer;