Popcorn Machine

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Project Description

Model FB 01 FB 02 FB 03
Working Efficiency 1 kg/batch/5 min 2-3 kg/batch/5 min 4 kg/batch/5 min
Material stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Type semi auto semi auto semi auto
Pot diameter 340 mm 540 mm 540 mm
Pot height 350 mm 520 mm 520 mm
Mixer speed 0-30 rpm 0-30 rpm 0-30 rpm
Weight 50 kg 85 kg 90 kg
Dimension 1350*520*810 mm 1240*500*1050 mm 1240*500*1050 mm

1. Popcorn machine using advanced transmission and sealing structure, make the transmission part and the pot clean, health.

2. Popcorn machine also use frequency conversion power, running more smoothly.

3. Popcorn machine use of hydraulic lift, turn over the pot, free of the machine, save manpower, reduce labor intensity, is a good performance of food processing equipment.

4. Spherical popcorn making machine is widely used in western food shop equipment and cake room equipment such as park, station, school ,theater,shopping malls,etc.