Rice Steamer Machine

//Rice Steamer Machine
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Project Description

Model Specification Working circle Capacity Power
F-1 (single gate) 6 trays 40-60 min/time 30 kg rice 9 kw
F-2(single gate) 8 trays 40-60 min/time 40 kg rice 9 kw
F-3(single gate) 10 trays 40-60 min/time 50 kg rice 12kw
F-4(single gate) 12 trays 40-60 min/time 60 kg rice 12 kw
F-5(double gate) 20 trays 40-60 min/time 100 kg rice 24 kw
F-6(double gate) 24 trays 40-60 min/time 120 kg rice 24 kw
F-7(three gate) 36 trays 40-60 min/time 180 kg rice 36 kw

1.This Steamed rice ark/steam rice machine/Steamed rice box is used for steaming rice,steamed bun,bread,cake and any other food.

2 Rice steaming machine is made from stainless steel with good structure.

3.Rice steaming machine suitable for mess hall, hotel, school and factory.

4.We can customize the Steam food box according to your requirement.

5.Rice steaming machine is suitable for the hotel, army, school, factory and other large dining room