Small Automatic Strapping Machine

//Small Automatic Strapping Machine
Small Automatic Strapping Machine 2019-11-28T11:32:18+08:00

Project Description

Model PK2116
Banding bandwidth 12mm
Bundling range W21cm*H16cm
Strapping speed 1.8 piece/s
Tightening force 10-50N
Voltage 220v 50hz
Weight 18kg
Size 460*260*380mm

1. This small automatic strapping machine is widely used for the bundling of food, including vegetables, ham, noodles, fans and so on. While solving environmental protection and pollution, it solves the problem of slow and unsound manual strapping.
2. The small automatic strapping machine has high efficiency, simple structure, no need for maintenance and maintenance, low failure rate, low maintenance cost, and the tightening strength of the strapping can be adjusted.
3. The small automatic strapping machine is small and convenient, and it is easy to move. Does not take up space. Small product packaging for a variety of industries.