Small Hot Shrink Film Machine

//Small Hot Shrink Film Machine
Small Hot Shrink Film Machine 2019-11-28T11:37:09+08:00

Project Description

Model OR 350 OR 400 OR 450
Packing 800*300*150 mm 800*400*200 mm 1200*300*600 mm
Heating far infrared far infrared far infrared
Power 4.5 kw 5.5 kw 4.5 kw
Voltage 110/220/240/380 v 110/220/240/380 v 110/220/240/380 v
Dimension 700*500*1100 mm 1000*600*1200 mm 1600*700*1300 mm
Weight 57 kg 87 kg 120 kg

1. Hot shrink film machine is suitable for environmental protection material, protection shrink film.

2. Energy conservation and efficient save labor cost, only need one person operate,  putting product on the conveyor belt for packaging easily.

3. Convenient and flexible Simple operation, easy maintenance, packaging immediately, and simply adjusting size, 30 seconds, easy to learn.

4. Automatically feeding into the bag, packing- sealing cutting, automatic length adjustment by electric eye control , equipped with induction motor, automatic coiling the waste.