Soft Ice Cream Machine

//Soft Ice Cream Machine
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Project Description

Model FB 818
Over Run Range 40% to 80%(pump fed)
Mix Tank Capacity 18-23/h
Mix Tank Refrigeration Control electric
Beater Construction stainless steel
Beater Drive Motor 2 HP-3 HP
Compressor Motor 2 HP
Refrigerant Type R 404 A
Outer Panel stainless steel
Power 1800 w
Dimension 540*575*1370 mm
Weight 120 kg

1. Soft ice cream machine with fresh fruit for production material, the entire production process without adding anything except fruit, in the case of without adding burden.

2. By using the principle of the physical and mechanical made it becomes ice cream, completely preserved fruit fiber, nutrients, just put the partial ripe bananas and other fruit, and frozen peeled, grinding pressure into the mouth, can make a real sense of natural ice cream. Soft Ice cream machine.

3. Soft ice cream machine are practical, fast and reliable and fit for every business practice.