Vacuum Skin Packing Machine

//Vacuum Skin Packing Machine
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Project Description

Model FT350
Chamber size 720 *510*100 mm
Tray size 700*500 mm
Maximum height of tray 70 mm
Cover film width 760 mm
Vacuum pumping rate 100 m3/h
Vacuum pump power 2.2 kw
Machine power 5 kw
Machine Dimension 830*750*1050 mm

1. The vacuum skin packing machine covers the items placed on the top (small plate, cardboard) with a transparent film and then tightly packs them to improve the product grade and extend the shelf life. Frozen foods can be packaged directly in the frozen state. The transparent film is softly attached to the product and the tray, so items that are soft will not break the shape after packaging.
2. There are two modes of this kind of packaging: it can be used in tray type or in two sheets..
3. This vacuum skin packing machine is not only suitable for products with high hardness or relatively high stability, such as steak, sausage, etc. It is also suitable for products with soft texture, such as sea cucumber, fish, etc. Packaging after a strong sense of three-dimensional, high added value.