Vegetarian Meat Making Machine

//Vegetarian Meat Making Machine
Vegetarian Meat Making Machine 2019-11-28T12:34:00+08:00

Project Description

Model FD 100 FD 150
Power 2.2-4 kw 4-5.5 kw
Capacity 40-50 kg/h 50-75 kg/h
Weight 170 kg 280 kg
Dimension 1700*700*1500 mm 1700*600*1650 mm

1. This machine is multi-purpose, and can produce a variety of foods through different molds, such as artificial meat, vegetarian steak, vegetarian chicken wings, bean gluten, etc., if other new patterns are needed, it can be customized.
2. Production process: selection of soybeans – oil extraction – crushing – mixing with water – into the extruder – finished product.
3. Raw material: Crush soybean meal into soy flour.4. Put the soy flour into the automatic feeder, and automatically extrude after heating.